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March 23rd, 2018

We are a local accounting firm that specializes in bookkeeping, EFT reconciliation, payroll, profit planning budgets, and bill pay services for dental offices. Our firm was founded by professionals with decades of experience serving the dental industry. Through the use of technology and our knowledge about the accounting needs of dental offices, we have created a streamlined and very affordable bookkeeping solution that will keep your accounting records accurate, up-to-date and provide consistent financial reporting to help doctors keep a pulse on their operations.

We have a dedicated team of highly trained, dental-specialized bookkeepers that can quickly respond to your bookkeeping, payroll or bill pay questions. Our bookkeepers have significant industry knowledge and will work closely with your CPA to provide them with the information they will need for your ongoing tax planning and year-end tax return preparation, which will save you and your CPA time and money.

In addition to handing off an administrative duty to a team you can trust, you will free up your time to focus on the profit generating aspects of your business. We are a very affordable bookkeeping service because we have a streamlined process designed specifically for dental offices which allows us to pass along the savings to our clients. We provide our services on a fixed-fee basis so there are no surprises over our fees.

The American Dental Association estimates that one in three dental practices will experience some form of employee fraud or embezzlement during their lifetime. Dental Accounting Pros will keep your financial information confidential, provide separation of duties from a sole employee, and monitor for unusual accounting activity. Although not foolproof or comprehensive checks and balances to prevent fraud, these are beneficial anti-fraud practices to monitor and help safeguard against employee embezzlement.

When it comes to profit planning and establishing budgets, we understand the business of running a dental practice and what performance benchmarks you should be hitting. We can reflect your financial and operating goals in your monthly financial reports in order for you to better monitor, manage, and grow your practice to higher profitability.


If you need an expert bookkeeping solution to complement your practice, please contact us.
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