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Hiring an Outsourced Bookkeeper

August 30th, 2017


We see it every day in our industry: remote bookkeepers working out of their back bedrooms, claiming they are experts in accounting. Remote office workers are all the rage these days because they are cheap to hire, but how can you trust that they are doing a competent job?

You should always ask these questions before hiring a bookkeeper for your dental practice:

Do you have any experience as a dental practice bookkeeper?
Finding a good bookkeeper that is dependable and competent can be hard to come by. Dentists should vet their prospects to ensure they are hiring an accountant with adequate accounting experience as well as dental industry experience to handle their bookkeeping and payroll functions.

Have you worked at a CPA firm or at a dental practice before?
It’s a huge plus if a prospective bookkeeper has experience working at a CPA firm or a dental practice. Knowing the business side of a dental practice, how a CPA firm functions, what a CPA will need for ongoing tax planning and completing your annual tax return are valuable skills your bookkeeper should possess.

Do you work independently or with a team of bookkeeping professionals?
It’s important to hire a team of bookkeepers who have an office with managers overseeing their accounting work. There are thousands of “back bedroom bookkeepers” who work remotely from their homes. When hiring these people, you are putting a lot of trust in someone who you potentially have never met. Who oversees their work? Who prevents them from stealing from you? It’s important to hire a company that has fraud monitoring and prevention built into their workflow process like Dental Accounting Pros.


Dental Accounting Professionals LLC Answers:
1. We have decades of accounting experience working with dental offices.
2. We are a registered CPA firm, but that doesn’t mean you have to use us for your tax planning or tax return preparation. Our sole focus is to provide dental practice bookkeeping, payroll and bill pay services while working closely with you and your existing CPA.
3. We have a traditional office with a team of bookkeepers headquartered in Bellevue, WA. We utilize modern software applications with a custom workflow process to help monitor fraudulent activity.


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