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Profit Plan Budget

July 31st, 2017
Profit Plan Budget

Prior to the start of every new year it is important for practice owners to assess what is working well and what isn’t working so well, identify business improvement initiatives to implement, and set their profit goals. Running your business without a profit plan is analogous to sailing across the ocean without a compass. If you want to improve operations and grow profits, you have to do something different, or you will just wander through the year and end up with the same results of years gone by: falling short of your goals.

Plan with intention and identify three initiatives to focus on that will improve your business. Set goals and translate your plan into a profit plan budget. To be effective in achieving your profit plan, you need to monitor your performance and make course corrections throughout the year. In order to monitor your performance, you need to input your profit plan budget into QuickBooks so that you can run your benchmarking reports that compare actual results to your desired results on a monthly basis. Dental Accounting Pros will lead you through the profit plan budget process and set up your plan in QuickBooks so that you can track your performance and better manage your business to achieve your desired profit goals.


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