Buyer-Representation for Dentists, New Dental Practice Owners, Multiple Locations

CPA Level Dental Practice Buyer-Representation

Special Project – Practice Acquisition – Kick-Off Meeting

When evaluating a purchase transaction, our primary objective is to assess the cash flow of the practice and the reasonableness of the purchase price and terms of the deal. We focus heavily on evaluating the cash flow and overhead to determine whether or not the practice can cover the debt service and leave enough left over to pay you a sufficient income to cover your household expenses.

This is our general engagement structure for assisting buyers but, on occasion, we get asked for help in deals that are less involved and we price them accordingly.

Special Project – Practice Acquisition 

Special Project – Practice Acquisition
We will provide assistance with the financial evaluation and tax matters related to the acquisition of your target dental practice. The scope of our work will include:

Phase I –

  • Complete a preliminary review of the practice valuation report/broker’s prospectus.
  • Review the past years’ tax returns and current year-to-date profit statement of the practice and assess the historical cash flow of the practice.
  • Correspond and/or meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of pursuing the purchase of the target practice.

Phase II – 

  • Guide you through the acquisition process and actions required to complete the transaction.
  • Perform an in-depth financial evaluation of the practice and prepare a cash flow analysis and stress test cash flow with differing levels of patient attrition.
  • Provide you with our findings and recommendations.
  • Assist you with negotiating the terms of deal with the seller, including the ultimate purchase price.
  • Assist you with the purchase price allocation.
  • Correspond and meet with you and your attorney as needed.

Payment Terms
We require a $5,000 retainer deposit, which will be billed upon initial acceptance of our consulting engagement 


Ready to Get Started?

Reach out to Kevin to request a buyer-rep engagement:

The Typical Documents You Should Request During the Due Diligence Phase:

  • Broker prospectus/offering memorandum (if available) 
  • LOI & Draft PSA (if available) 
  • Copies of prior three years of business tax returns and we will want to see the QuickBooks financial statements that were used for
    these returns 
  • QuickBooks Profit & Loss statement Year-to-date 
  • Patient Management System Production Reports 
  • Info regarding new technology in the office and condition of build-out
  • Copy of the office lease