We only hire US based CPA's and accountants

We are proud to create well paying American jobs. There is a growing trend to outsource accounting roles overseas because payrolls are significantly less. For every job sent overseas, there’s one less job here helping our local economy. We support small businesses and our local communities by hiring CPA’s and bookkeepers in the United States. We hire full-time W-2 employees and provide industry leading benefits. 

The Dirty Truth About Outsourcing

Many CPA’s, accountants and bookkeeping firms don’t broadcast that they outsource your work overseas. They use words like “global teams” to make it sound exciting. What they don’t tell you is the risk it opens you up to. These territories are outside of the jurisdiction of U.S. laws. Which might not matter if you are outsourcing a call center, but when handling sensitive financial data it’s really important. If there is an overseas IT breach that results in your sensitive information being stolen you have limited protection and ability to prosecute. 

Ask your CPA

When interviewing accounting firms ask if they use international outsourced labor in their bookkeeping or tax preparation processes, and if they do, ask if those people have direct access to client’s sensitive financial information including bank statements, SSN’s, tax returns, payroll records, etc. If they stumble on this answer, that’s not a good sign.   

Want to work with a U.S. based firm that prioritizes your private financial data security?