There is more to our profession than “dropping numbers in boxes”

There is more to our profession than “dropping numbers in boxes” and filing tax returns once a year. We are more than your average accountant, CPA, EA or Bookkeeping professional. We pride ourselves in our bench of knowledge, client obsession and proactive approach. We are students of the business of dentistry. Through working with only dentists and staying up-to-date with compliance rules, best business practices and industry trends, we are able to consult with our practice owners and help guide them to greater financial success.

Not all CPA’s are created equal. We focus on business, specifically the business of dentistry. We also work with high net-worth family groups and real estate owners through our affiliated company, Benton Bray PLLC. Through this experience, we are able to bring an extra layer of advisory and estate planning to our engagements. We are fortunate to have curated an awesome team of accounting professionals. We collaborate daily and are always working hard to level up our skills and knowledge base.

We build communication into our engagements and perform a mid-year and year-end tax projection so there are no surprises. We are also available as-needed to additional business advisory meetings. If we also partner with other industry consultants to support our clients.

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, contact our team to schedule an intro Zoom meeting to discuss.

Kevin manages marketing, business development, and customer success for Dental Accounting Professionals LLC & Benton Bray PLLC. He is highly analytical, creative, and forward thinking in his approach to working with clients. His background is in commercial real estate with a focus in dental office leasing and investment sales. Kevin’s passionate about investing for the future and implementing new technologies to streamline outdated workflow processes to increase bottom line results.  

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