Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

Let’s face it. Did you go to dental school to do bookkeeping?

I would imagine (and hope) your answer is “No.”

Let’s face it. Did you go to dental school to do bookkeeping?

I would imagine the answer is “No.”

You should be focusing your time on the profit generating aspects of your business. Your hourly bill rate is better spent chair-side with patients. Leverage our team to take care of the numbers and compliance headache for you. Let us simplify your accounting workflow process.

And no… you should NOT hand over your bookkeeping to a “trusted” employee. This opens the floodgates to potential fraud & embezzlement and adds an awkward dynamic to the team when one staff member has a window into your financial world. You should keep these details private.

Can you do it yourself? maybe. Can your spouse figure it out the basics of posting expenses? probably. Chances are there will be reconciliation errors or missed fillings… we see this all of the time. We are the problem solvers at the end of the year. Why not chase perfection throughout the year? Having a clean set of bookkeeping records is important to understand the financial health of your business.

I preach this all of the time to business owners. You should surround yourself with experts so you can be on a “Need to Know” basis to have more time to focus on what’s important (being chair-side with patients). Stop the DIY mindset. Leverage is key to exceptional financial results in your business. Leverage our team so you can gain more time back in your day, month and year to focus on leveling up your practice.

Ready to get started? Schedule time with our team to discuss next steps.

Kevin manages marketing, business development, and customer success for Dental Accounting Professionals LLC & Benton Bray PLLC. He is highly analytical, creative, and forward thinking in his approach to working with clients. His background is in commercial real estate with a focus in dental office leasing and investment sales. Kevin’s passionate about investing for the future and implementing new technologies to streamline outdated workflow processes to increase bottom line results.  

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