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Build a Team of Dental Industry Experts

July 03rd, 2017
Build a Team of Dental Industry Professionals

Every time we meet with a new practice owner, we ask them who is on their professional team. You should have a go-to team of dental industry professionals working with you toward your business success.

Every successful Dental Practice has a team of professionals behind it:

  1. CPA
    Your CPA fills the role as one of your key business advisors, guides you on structuring your taxes to pay no more than required, and handles your tax filings in a manner that keeps you out of trouble with the IRS.
  2. Dental Practice Consultant
    Your practice consultant is your business coach and helps you identify and implement business improvement initiatives. Your coach offers expertise on best business practices – operating systems and protocols – that drive improved results in the key operating functions of your practice such as scheduling, recall, case presentation, etc.
  3. Financial Planner
    Your financial planner is instrumental in working with you to create a personal financial plan that contemplates lifestyle goals such as a home purchase, wealth accumulation, college and retirement planning. Your financial planner is a key advisor that complements and collaborates with your business advisors.
  4. Banker
    Your banker coordinates your financing needs for acquisition or start-up funding, real estate purchases, new equipment loans, and operating lines of working capital. Dental bankers are experts at matching loan structures to the funding need, and many times, act as a key business advisor.
  5. Attorney
    Your attorney is instrumental in making sure your contracts for acquiring a practice or real estate, employing an associate doctor, adding a partner, leasing a clinic facility and so forth are structured to protect your interests and safeguard your business.
  6. Real Estate Broker
    Commercial real estate brokers help negotiate a new lease, renewal or purchase of real estate for your dental practice. Most tenant-rep brokers are paid by the landlord when representing you (the tenant) on a new lease or renewal. They know what lease rates should be and what market concessions you should be getting in the deal. These terms are always changing as market forces change, which is why it’s important to enlist the services of a qualified broker.

Dental Accounting Pros works hand-in-hand with your CPA by keeping your QuickBooks current, accurate, and with the appropriate detail that allows your CPA and practice consultant to track and monitor key financial benchmarks for tax planning, cash flow planning, and keeping score on the implementation of your business improvement initiatives.


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